Kettlebell Strength & Cardio

If you haven’t given kettlebell training a try, I highly recommend it.  Kettlebell training is the only training that delivers a full body workout that incorporates both strength training and cardio in one. You only need one kettlebell to achieve this type of training – no need to go to a gym if you have one at home.  I recently became a member at a local gym for the simple fact that I like training with a variety of sizes of kettlebells (plus, going to a gym motivates me to not skip my training sessions).  Kettlebells can become pricey, so having a local gym that carries a variety is great.

I usually like to develop my training programs as timed programs – usually :40 of work and :20 rest with a 1:00 rest in between sets. I like this because I usually lose track of reps!  But I strayed away from this type of training during this morning’s training session. This was a tough workout because I went heavy on the cleans (18 kg or 40lbs).

Give it a try and let me know what you think! (Sorry the video is a little blurry, this was my first time filming a video and I think there may have been something on the lens).

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician when starting any new training session. Missy is a Level I StrongFirst kettlebell trainer.  She advises learning proper kettlebell techniques before performing this workout to ensure you are working out safely. Visit or for information on kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Strength and Cardio

3-4 Rounds
25 KB Swings (used 16kg)
:40 Jump Rope
8 KB Cleans Right (used 18kg)
20 Jump Squats to 1/2 Jumping Jack (used two 7.5 lb dumbells)
8 KB Cleans Left (used 18kg)
15 1/2 Swing to Squat (used 14kg)

Music: ‘Dubstep by
Clothing: ‘Legends of Rap’ leggings by Constantly Varied Gear
Location: Filmed at Anytime Fitness in London, Ohio

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