Baby Food Containers – Sage Spoonfuls Review

When Maddoxx started eating baby food, I made all of it.  It was pretty simple; my bemmy (that’s what I call my stepmom) gave me an electric food steamer so I could save the veggie juice to thin out the baby food, thus putting a lot of needed nutrients back into his food. I first tried those squeeze pouch bag things and even bought the pressing machine and everything.  It ended up being way too expensive because I was always having to buy new bags.

Maddoxx at 5 months eating his first solid food – carrots. This picture is funny because he loves them now!

So then I found these little 4 oz. containers called Sage Spoonfuls. This saved SO much money because we could use them over and over again.  It saved on dishes too because we could just feed him from the container.  My containers are plastic, but they come in glass jars too!

Now that he is a toddler, I still use these suckers! It’s perfect to put pre-cut food in each one and store in the fridge.  My in-laws, who babysit Maddoxx, just grab what they need to feed him lunch.

My newest trick is using an egg slicer to cut up his food! I’m probably not the first person to think of this, but man do I feel smart!  It makes the perfect toddler bite-size pieces!  I’ve used it for bananas too.

So if you are looking for containers for baby food and toddler snacks, I totally recommend Sage Spoonfuls!

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